Recommended Sportsbooks

Here you’ll find a list of our recommended sportsbooks.  We rank them in three different categories – Platinum, Gold and Silver.


  • Bet365
    These guys are pure class – a professionally run sportsbook that offers players plenty of promos, tons of betting options and many banking options.
  • Bodog
    A great sportsbook for recreational bettors.  Financially secure and has some amazing bonuses throughout the year – worth checking out!
  • 5Dimes
    Winner of our top sportsbook for 2011!  5 Dimes brings you tons of betting options, good bonuses, top-notch service and fast payouts.  These guys continue to impress us day in and day out.
  • Legends
    Legends is one of the first sportsbook I ever used and one that has built a great reputation.  Their customer service is second to none and they offer some strong bonuses as well.
  • Will Hill
    Will Hill
    Will Hill is a British-based sportsbook that has a long history and huge customer base.  Your money’s safe here! 
  • Ladbrokes
    Ladbrokes is the oldest bookmaker in the world!  Their history dates all the way back to the 1800’s and today they are a publicly traded company on the London Stock Exchange.  I would trust these guys with my life savings!
  • SportBet
    You just don’t get much better than Sportbet – this sportsbook has earned a sport amongst the elite sportsbook and is a great sports betting option.