Sportsbook Blacklist

Below are a list of sportsbook that we recommend you AVOID at all costs.  

These sportsbooks are either scams, are in financial distress or have other problems that put your money at risk.  Stay away!




Oddsmaker – Complete garbage and has confiscated hundreds of thousands of dollar from players with no valid reason.  Bottom line, they steal money – stay away!

WSEX (World Sports Exchange) – Shame, shame, shame.  What used to be one of the pioneers of the online sportsbook industry is now a complete bust.  This sportsbook owes many players money and unfortunately it doesn’t look like they’ll be getting paid.

The total owed is over $500,000, an amount that a sportsbook with such a horrible reputation can make up.  Rumor is that they’ve already sold off many assets to try to stay afloat.  They are still operating, but the money’s just not there.

Stay away, they don’t have the money to pay you if you win. – Too many current payout related complaints for me to feel comfortable here.  Do I think they have the financial means to pay people?  Yes, problem is that they have made up excuses as to why these payout problems exist and have had cases of “no-pays” in the past.  Avoid!


Bet Royal  /  SBG Global – Let me start by saying that I used to play at these sportsbooks in the past (owned by same company) and never had a problem getting paid.  But the fact is that they have had too many complaints and slow-pay situations to risk playing with.  There was a huge case of them confiscating over $500,000 without valid reason from a group of players in 2008.  Although I think that most smaller players will be paid (although it might take a while), I just don’t see the point in taking a risk!